Project You?

We cannot be great at absolutely everything that we do! I'm an average cook. I'm average in the gym. and if I'm to be honest, I'm pretty average looking. No shame in that....

Nevertheless, there are things that I cannot compromise in... As a Coach, as a DJ, as a Father & as a Husband; second-best  is not an option I ever intend to pursue. In truth, I may not be officially the 'worlds' best in any of these areas, nevertheless, I  happily remain a work-in-progress and every day I strive to be the best that I can possibly be.



But What About You?

Are you happy with who and what you've become? Are you all that YOU dreamed you would be, or are you like myself; 'a work in progress'

'Fortune favours the brave.' Or so the saying goes. Even if past-lives exist, this is the one you're living right now, you must make the most of it.

The good news is that it's never too late to get in the game. 'Project You' does not have a deadline for enrollment and it takes a mere moment...In fact , it takes a fraction of a moment to enroll yourself in a project where substantial gains can be made by thought alone!

In some cases clear and decisive intention is really all you need to get the ball rolling.

There have been countless studies of athletes and non-athletes who, by thought alone, increased strength, muscle-mass and/or performance.

There have been injured musicians who've had to 'practice' exclusively mentally during convalescence and found that their skill had increased exponentially during their time of physical inactivity!

You are without doubt, more magnificent than you give yourself credit for . 

It has been said, 'He who says he can and he who says he can't, are both right.'

It all begins in the mind.



Here's a quick {Perhaps not-so-quick} challenge to see if there's an inner champion waiting to emerge from the corridors of your deepest consciousness:

For the next 10 days schedule into a diary or even simply on a piece of paper all the projects you need to get done that particular day, in order of importance.

'The things that get scheduled are the things that get done.'

Next... install a 'Focus Zone' around yourself as you go to work on your schedule list. This means clearing up clutter from your workstation as well as turning off the notifications on your mobile device.

Try to surround yourself with like-minded people who are giving their passions a chance to see the light of day, thereby perhaps benefiting the world as they do so! Maybe just benefiting a somewhat smaller group of people, or even just themselves. No matter! Surround yourself with people who have drive, ambition and high standards. Choose your group well. Combine their energy with yours and ride it like a surfboard!



Lastly... Hydrate. As Captain America said in Endgame, 'Hail Hydrate!' Someone looking over my shoulder right now is saying, 'He said, Hail Hydra!' Let's just agree to disagree on that one. Get hydrated! That soft, squishy grey matter between your ears is soft and squishy because of water and it needs it to function efficiently. Check out Jim Kwik for powerful tips on Brain Health.


In your spare time, instead of listening only to music on your Smart-Phone, listen to an audio-book based on the biographies of people you really admire or in some ways would love to emulate.

Learn what makes them tick and how despite the odds they were able to create an outstanding destiny for themselves. As I said before... You really ARE more magnificent than you give yourself credit for! Now go and get that Magnificent Destiny that has your name on it! 

                                            Average does not look good on you!







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