April 4, 2018



Gentlemen in particular; do not underestimate the woman living under the same roof as you. If you give her the chance she can turn your world right round, so give her the chance. And if she needs your help, roll your sleeves up and go for it. If good Karma doesn't pay you back... your woman will. 

Make her your queen and she will make you king of all that your eyes can see. She may also have one or two things she'd like to share with you too; so come to the table with an open mind and listen as well as speak... Actually, try to listen MORE than speak. For she is as complex and as creative as the universe itself and if you are open and willing, you will view and receive the many different aspects of womanhood and the amazing fireworks of the universe both at the same time! All from that woman, right there in front of you!



A relationship is about growth and sometimes... just like when a new tooth emerges in the mouth of a child, growth can bring some discomfort and even pain. Even so, no teething child has ever said, 'I would rather be without teeth!'




We don't stop growing just because we have become adults. In fact now we have countless opportunities for an accelerated growth as we fully appreciate those we have meticulously placed around ourselves for our optimum learning i.e, our workmates, our family, our friends and our partner. Now, instead of physical discomfort such as toothache; we now contend with emotional discomfort as we extend our 'comfort zone and grow. So congratulate yourself on a group well selected by yourself for your own individual accelerated development, and be honoured that each one of them has also chosen you as a permanent or temporary part of his/her growth/learning plan.


Before you make any bold life-changing decisions about your relationship; ask yourself how much you have benefited from what this relationship has brought to you, even in times of massive discomfort? And ask yourself honestly, 'Am I supporting this woman to be her best possible self or am I only thinking of my own career, my own family and my own future?' For as any professional ballroom dancer will tell you, 'Make your partner look good and you will automatically look good! If you make sure your partner wins, then logically by default, you will simply HAVE TO win!' This is the dance of a successful relationship.




No need to search for many, for within her lies many. Within each one lies all. All the goodness you give to one, will ripple through the sisterhood and all the sisterhood will show you it's gratitude in it's own way not decided by you.

She can be happy, sad, bossy, timid, coy, loud, attentive, assertive, confident and fearful. 

She is all that and much more, if she loves you, then you are blessed. If she doesn't love you, then learn why before you go.


Check out this video clip below of the screen goddess Marlene Dietrich, for a tiny tiny glimpse of all the personalities that can be found in just one!


( Video by 'Jeetly')


Ladies, men were born with muscles and like you, layers upon layers of social and family conditioning. Most of his life he has been learning how to be strong; emotionally and physically. 

You were born with 'less muscles', but you have hips and you have INTUITION! You have more intuition in your little finger than most men have in a football stadium filled with men (all with their fingers intact). This is a skill passed down by hereditary from your cave-dwelling ancestors. As it was the women who had to use intuition as protection when the men went away often for days hunting for meat and fur, whilst the women intuitively needed to gauge the hidden dangers of poisonous food, animals and other predators lurking in and around the cave; on behalf of herself and her children. 


Ladies, you know who is right for you and you know who is wrong right from the outset. Often you choose who is wrong for the fun of it and because you think you can 'change' him. Later on, you admit that you knew all along that it he was the wrong choice! In the meantime, unless you are a teenager, you lose time. Yes, you can change some; you can change a Tiger perhaps; into a purring cat, but you can't change a Tiger into a cute baby Panda so don't bother trying.



Creators. You are the center of the universe. Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar almost gave up the expansive kingdom of Rome for Queen Cleopatra. King Edward VIII abdicated from the throne and turned his back on the Great British Empire for Wallis Simpson who was a married American already once divorced. King Akenaton of Egypt changed the religion of an entire civilisation for his wife Nefertiti, and the legendary city of ancient Troy was destroyed by King Menelaus in order to bring his wife Helen of Troy back to Sparta (and that was already the SECOND time she was 'kidnapped' by another infatuated man!).



Creators, who call yourselves women; be sure this world remains in balance because it revolves around YOU. Just don't tell any man that you know this, or you'll give the game away.


It's time you understood, without embarrassment...Your power is immense and your own female Intuition forms part of that power. Guns are not the only weapons. Physical strength is not the only strength. Or, put another way, scientifically speaking; testosterone is the 'sex' hormone and men have more of it. But who has more POWER, the aggressive pollen-hunting male drone bees or the calculating living-the-life-of luxury well-fed Queen bee? It's how you use what you have that counts.



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